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News from Cafosa
New Website

Imágen home.jpgIn this restyled Cafnews we would like to present you our NEW WEBSITE. We have designed a more appealing website and we have improved our contents.

We have also included a new private area where our customers, suppliers and partners can find interesting links, technical information and the latest industry news.

What else? Just imagine...

We would like to share with you our commitment to CSR, Quality, Food Safety and, of course, with our Associates.

We hope you enjoy it!

Gum Base market research

In order to have a better understanding of the Gum Base market and its players, Cafosa carries out a Gum Base market research study every year. The research offers us a closer insight into the worldwide leading countries and regions, as well as helping us to spot future trends in the confectionery market.

The Gum Base market share (in volume) has increased slightly in comparison to last year and our market share on the open market (where companies purchase their Gum Base from external suppliers) is bigger than the second and third player together.Estudio Mercado 1.png

When we take a look at the Gum Base consumption (in volume) and compare it to last year’s, we can see that only 3 regions have increased their consumption, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Estudio Mercado 2.png

If we check the top-10 countries of worldwide Gum Base consumption, we can see an interesting fact compared to last year: China gained importance and Brazil surpassed Canada and Poland.

Please, note that this graphic refers to where the chewing gum is produced rather than where it is sold.

Estudio Mercado 3.png

Pharma business overview

Logo_Hig.jpgAs you know, Cafosa developed Health in Gum® for the Pharma industry. Health in Gum® is an excipient, a powder gum to produce a medicated chewing gum. It has been created to simplify the manufacturing process of compressed chewing gum in a quick and cost effective way.

This is one of our challenges and we have a presence on online and offline pharma media. One of the actions was the Health in Gum® webinar we performed last April for Pharma companies.

We had many attendees who contributed with very interesting questions to help us to provide a successful webinar.

We want to share the complete webinar with you on the link

 We also invite you to visit our Health in Gum® website at You will find there the latest articles concerning our product and the Pharmaceutical industry there.


Press clipping
Chew yourself a better brain

Would you believe that while standing in line topay for your groceries, you are but an arm’s length away from a potent neurochemical catalyst that costs less than a single pill of any antidepressant?

Yes, gum – wonderful, flavorful, get-your-jaws-moving gum — is  unlikely object of cognitive science research that turns out to possess qualities Mr. Wrigley would never have guessed.

Gum has been studied for its beneficial effects on memory, alertness, anxiety reduction, appetite suppression, mood and learning.

The hunch that spawned gum studies was that chewing gum might increase blood flow to the brain, and that may in turn spark other important effects. Studies like this one out of Cardiff University in the UK take a comprehensive view of gum’s potential across multiple areas: learning, mood, memory and intelligence. The findings in this case were that both alertness and intellectual performance were increased in gum-chewing subjects, while memory showed no significant improvements.

Other studies have found that some aspects of memory seem to be improved by chewing gum, particularly immediate and delayed word recall, while others are not.

An especially significant 2011 study, reported on by Live Science, found that chewing gum before taking a test improved performance, but chewing gum throughout the test did not. The possible reason for this result is that chewing gum may warm-up the brain ("mastication-induced arousal).

Studies have also found gum to be an effective anxiety buster, though the reasons why are anything but clear and it may also be true that prescription antidepressants have a far cheaper rival wrapped in foil just waiting to be chewed.

True enough, the reasons for these effects are still speculative, but the wealth of research pointing to benefits of gum chewing can’t be ignored. We may not yet know why it benefits the brain, but few things are simpler or cheaper or less risky than tossing a stick in your mouth for a good chew.


A Sugarless Surge

It’s been widely reported that candy is recession-resistant, and although this notion is up for debate, at least one category seems to be holding its own, despite a down economy: sugarless gum.

Whereas regular (sugared) gum brands saw a decrease of 10.6% in sales for the latest 52 weeks ending May 17, 2009, compared to one year ago, sugarless gum brands accounted for $1.14 billion in sales during the same period — that’s a 9.6% increase over the same period one year ago, says Chicago market research firm Information Resources, Inc.

The success of the sugar-free gum category stems from escalating consumer interest in better-for-you products with functional health benefits, even in candy. An increasing number of introductions offer teeth-whitening and -strengthening, and plaque- and cavity-fighting attributes, all in an often minty, sometimes fruity package.

Take Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.’s Orbit brand, which carries the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Approval. Orbit products have been proven to help fight cavities, strengthen teeth and reduce harmful plaque acids, ultimately helping chewers to maintain good oral healthy, the company claims.

Then there’s new Orbit Mist line of “hydrating” gum with micro-bursts, which also play on the popularity of fruit-flavoured gums that freshen breath, too. 

And Wrigley’s upscale 5 brand capitalizes on the sugar-free fruit gum direction with its new Solstice (a warm and cool winter flavor) and Zing (a sour to sweet bubble experience) varieties.

Additionally, The Hershey Co. embraces functional demands with its Ice Breakers Ice Cubes White Chewing Gum. Unlike stick and shell gums, the new product features a “cool cube shape” that’s frosted through a proprietary process for an extra-cold alternative.
New sugar-free varieties of Cadbury North America’s Trident brand answer the call for a cavity-fighting chew that “cleans and protects teeth,” as well, through the use of xylitol.

Another trend driving the category is convenience. For example, Cadbury now offers its sugar-free Dentyne brand gum in a bottle that holds 60 pieces;

Another company making strides in the gum category is Verve, Inc., whose Glee Gum line takes into account not just health benefits but allergens.

Another factor motivating the consumer to continue to purchase from this successful category is value. In most cases, gum remains an affordable luxury, and as such, it often sails under the radar, Klein notes.

That said, consumers do look at cost, even when it comes to gum. Consequently, in today’s economy, manufacturers and retailers have an incentive to run specials to keep it a truly recession-proof purchase.



Our customers ask
How do I make my chewing gum last longer?

The lasting of the chewing gum is a combination of the Gum Base ingredients, their interaction with the flavour molecules and the technology involved. In this case, there are several theories and studies related to the release of the flavours from the Gum Base matrix.

Currently, long lasting is produced through different encapsulation of sweeteners and flavours, to extend these sensations in time. The right combination of these ingredients, combined with selected Gum Bases, will enhance the perception of the taste in the mouth for longer.

A good cooperation between Cafosa and your flavour supplier is very important here.  

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