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Current trends in gum base

Avril 2012

We can say that nowadays a top trend is based on the fact that chewing gum companies bring the opportunity to their consumers to “experience” sensations when they chew a gum. That kind of products is positioned in a premium category and offers an attractive packaging and an impressive promotion as well. By chewing this products consumers can check its improvement in long lasting and also in flavouring.

On the other hand, filled gums have been also trendy products in our industry. Chewing gum manufacturers have adapted their portfolio to offer that kind of products to the adult market.

Our gum bases are playing a very important role on the new types of chewing gum as they are more “technologically” dependant. In the case of filled gums and “experience” gums, the ingredients used on the gum base are selected to affect the final performance of the gum during the production and during all product shelf life. The physical properties of the gum base (elongation and elasticity) help to get a good productivity of the gum on a filled gum line, while on the “experience” gum, the ingredients help to control the release of the aromatic substances.

If we look at the future, functional and medicated chewing gums are the new trends to come.

Consumers are becoming more demanding. They are looking for more than a chewing gum, they need for a product that gives them an added value such as more sophisticated oral care, energy supply or weight management, etc...

A step beyond is medicated chewing gum, an alternative drug delivery system that consists of an active ingredient added into a chewing gum to be released by the mechanical action of chewing. Cafosa has launched Health in Gum® a directly compressible powder gum where a pharmaceutical API could be added easily.

For present or future, Cafosa has the appropriate gum base for any chewing gum manufacture requires.