Our commitment

At Cafosa we are committed to conserve resources by reusing, recycling and adopting processes that reduce consumption of raw materials, energy, water and waste.

We strongly believe that beyond delivering benefits, it is our company’s duty to care for the security of our Associates and to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment.
Our policy establishes a framework to mark and review mid-and-long term objectives for risk prevention, environmental impact and sustainability.

Sustainability KPIs

Water intensity 2018 vs 2015
m3/MT target

Energy intensity target 2020 vs 2015
1.53 GJ/MT

Greenhouse gases 2018 vs 2015

Waste landfill

Over the past 3 years Cafosa has invested in energy efficiency and water consumption by improving upon the production, audit, control and management systems. Through commitment and sustained effort we are on track with our 2020 goals.

We pride ourselves that we decreased in a 68% CO2 emissions during our production process in 2018. Moreover, in our Santiga Factory we have been employing a rational waste management policy and since 2015 we stand at 0.3% yearly waste level or below, aiming for a zero waste level.

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