Tailor Made

Thanks to our capabilities and expertise we offer our customers a full-range of services that cater to their different needs in the various points of the process of getting a product to market.

These services can be hired ad-hoc responding to specific needs, or better yet, as a complete process going from development through to final production.

Product Development

Taylor-made solutions using the most suitable chewing gum components for each application, in order to obtain the best possible result. We can either help you with new product development, conduct some or all the development stages on your behalf, from rapid prototyping and “proof of concept” to getting samples for a consumer research or scale up

Analytical Studies

We provide various types of studies requiring analytical capabilities for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical delivery systems, both internal and external, ranging from active principles release profile to excipient-active interactions or stability studies in ICH conditions.

Stability Studies

Design and execution of stability studies to determine product stability over time, define deterioration paths, etc.

Clinical Studies

Work with you in the design and execution of bioavailability studies, effectiveness studies, etc.

Scale up

We can work with you to bring your product from the laboratory to pilot plant scale or/and to industrial scale, accompanying you all along the process. Cafosa can provide assistance about processes and potential machinery manufacturers. Moreover we can even suggest possible contract manufacturers in order to reduce risks, investment and time to market.