Knowledge at your service

Since our creation back in 1979, quality has been the cornerstone of our business and innovation has been embedded in our DNA. Ever since we have been creating knowledge that we can put at your service today.

And if you think it is only technical knowledge we are referring to here, then think again! A strong market presence and an R&D department at the forefront of our business enabled us to gather and build knowledge in terms of the market, of chewing gum in all its forms and shapes and, of course, gum base.

MARKET: Your success is our success

Market knowledge drives our innovation efforts so as to create valuable and appealing products that fit perfectly in your market context.

We gather information and hunt for market tendencies through different array of sources of information like talks with our collaborators, through fairs, market reports, consumer insights and technological surveillance. We devise and formulate new concepts in order to be trendsetters and gum innovators.

Also we have been gathering and analyzing market samples from all over the world since 1984. Analyzing over 10.000 commercially available gums so far has given us an unparalleled understanding of the market, technologies, labelling and ingredients.

GUM: Ingredients, Development, Process, Deployment, Regulatory

Ingredients: Quality starts with the selection of the raw materials. We work together with the most reputable suppliers of food grade materials in order to ensure the quality and security of our gum bases and of the final product. Cafosa applies its same quality and safety standards to the whole supply and logistics chain.

Development: We create personalized formulas for our customers, optimizing the productivity and efficiency of their own processes. We take pride in providing an end-to-end service, accompanying you from the initial steps on equipment and ingredients to up-scaling and commercialization.

The process: Ideation-ingredients & suppliers- equipment & technology- formulation- prototyping & sensory analysis- industrialization- on the spot technical assistance- commercial batch- consumer test.

Deployment: We know the machinery and production process, so together with our customers we pursue imaginative formulas, adjusted to their available technology. Our knowledge of the ingredients and understanding their influence in the gum base’s properties and the chewing gum’s sensorial profile, leads us to get the best product.

Regulatory: We follow the most restrictive regulations around the world such as the US FDA, EU, China and Japan and all our ingredients fulfill FCC specifications.

GUM BASE: Design, Process, Quality & Analysis

Design: Knowledge of ingredients’ characteristics and interactions allows us to design Gum Bases that will match both your needs and those of your customers. We always strive to achieve the best value-for-money formulas with the newest ingredients within the regulatory framework.

Process: Our factory allows for a high degree of automation and standardization for greater efficiency and a better technical and economic outcome for our customers.

Quality & Analysis: Our products are safe and consistent in terms of quality. Our state-of-the-art analytical lab supports our activities. Be it either for raw material quality control, for rapid prototyping, for quick shelf-life determination or for API release verification, process validation and troubleshooting etc., our lab team has developed and validated methods.

All of the above-mentioned knowledge that we have acquired throughout the years is rooted in basic research on flavor release, active ingredients release, processing behaviours, chewing gum stickiness, gum base and finished product shelf-life, etc.

This basic research is intrinsic to Cafosa’s way of working and represents the fuel to all future innovation.