Can be gum base or powder excipient.

Active ingredients can be incorporated in either extruded or compressed chewing gum; the choice depends on the type of ingredient, sensorial profile definition of the final product and available production machinery.

Cafosa offers its Health in Gum® product, a ready-to-use compressible powder for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Health in Gum® is a homogenous free-flowing powder that already contains all ingredients needed to produce chewing gum from gum base to sweeteners or softeners. This combination readily accepts an API and runs on standard tablet presses just like any other direct-compression excipient combination.

Chewing gum with active ingredients is ideally produced with Health in Gum® as its production limits temperature and moisture levels.

Benefits of Health in Gum

It is directly compressible

Excellent flow and easy to tablet

Fast API release, depending on the specific API

It works at room temperature, allowing for use of thermo-sensitive APIs

Ideal for water-sensitive APIs