It is well known that sugar free chewing gum benefits oral care as it increases saliva flow to help re-mineralise tooth enamel, helps to restore optimum plaque pH levels and helps neutralise plaque acids. Plaque acids are a risk factor in the development of dental caries. But chewing gum can be much more than that!

Our vision is to create a new category where chewing gum is an efficient and friendly way to deliver health and wellness. With medicated and functional chewing gum we mean an oral dosage form that can release an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) or functional ingredient by the mechanical action of chewing. It presents great interest as an alternative and highly attractive delivery system for nutraceutical & pharmaceutical products.

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Enjoyable Sensory Experience

  • Attractive and enjoyable
  • Convenient dosage form
  • All benefits of chewing

Efficient Delivery System*

  • Buccal absorption*
  • More time in mouth
  • Fast release**
  • No water

* where applicable
may differ by specific API

For many years functional gum remained limited to products focused on quitting smoking and motion sickness. Today however, thanks to Cafosa’s innovative application of direct compression with a new excipient, issues related to the presence of high temperature and humidity during the production process or of ensuring dosage may be overcome. This enables wider use of functional chewing gum production in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications as a mixture of dry powder excipients and the API. This mixture can be converted into a quality chewing gum product using a standard tablet press.

For many consumers, the chewing gum format may be more convenient and attractive than the standard tablets, pills or sachets. The act of chewing can release the API and may allow for fast absorption through the buccal mucosa.

Three business models

Depending on your necessities and specificities of your project we can go from accompanying you in all the phases of the development process, through to licensing our finished formulas or merely selling you the HiG® excipient.

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