Developing functional gum for health & wellness

Sugar free chewing gum is known to improve oral health by increasing salivary flow, which helps to re-mineralise tooth enamel, restore optimum plaque pH and neutralise plaque acids, a risk factor in the development of dental caries.

But chewing gum can do so much more! It’s of great interest as an alternative and highly attractive delivery system for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

Why functional/medicated gum?

Benefits image

Dental benefits

  • Rises Ph levels
  • Reduces caries incidence
  • Reduces demineralization
  • Freshens breath
  • Helps concentrate

Efficient delivery system

  • Oral mucose absorption
  • Prevents digestive side effects
  • Controlled release
  • No need for water
Efficient delivery system

For many years functional gum was limited to products focused on quitting smoking and motion sickness. Today however, thanks to Cafosa’s innovative application of direct compression with a new excipient, the possible applications are endless.

Find the right gum base for you

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