Gum is our passion! Gum is what we’ve been doing for 40 years and we do it well. Our vision is to build a world that chews better and more gum, making the category grow sustainably together with you!

There are many types of bubble and chewing gums out there, which is the reason why we have around 100 different kinds of gum bases in our active portfolio to offer.

The gum base you are looking for depends on whether you wish to produce a bubble or a chewing gum, the ingredients, the flavor and type of product.


We have a gum base for every chewing gum you may want to produce: bubble and chewing gum in any format (dragee, sticks, chunks, balls etc.) And if we don’t have it, we’ll make it.

What Gum Base do I need

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Every time we develop a new gum base, we focus on the physical properties that the chewing gum should have: elasticity, plasticity, hardness and the desired texture. Optimal performance in the production lines is important because of its impact on productivity.

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