At Cafosa, we are committed to building a world with better and more chewing.

As the world’s leading supplier and producer of high-quality gum base, chewing gum’s main ingredient, we deliver the best, most fun and inspiring innovations to market. Built on research and development and a start-up mentality, we are continuously working to develop the best bubbly experiences and gum-based health products to engage today the chewers of tomorrow.

Who we are

From developing the world’s first tube bubble gum to pioneering compressed functional chewing gum, we can make any chewing gum dream become reality.

Cafosa is the world’s leading developer, producer and supplier of high performing gum bases to the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. We have 40 years of experience working with gum manufacturers around the world, and more than 350 gum base references that provide the main ingredient for many bubble and chewing gums delivering smiles around the world.

Cafosa was founded in Barcelona in 1979 and since 2008, is a family-owned business with more than a century of history making the world’s most-loved confectionery brands.
All our products are manufactured in accordance with the Food Good Manufacturing Practices and all our ingredients comply with the most demanding Food Safety Regulations.

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