Cafosa offers a wide range of services that help you to be a benchmark in the chewing gum industry:

Chewing gum and gum base training

Cafosa organizes ad-hoc seminars catering to a given clients’ specific needs and situation, on topics as different as technology, formulation, problem solving, market analysis etc. Periodically we offer training opportunities to our customers and customer seminars with the participation of other ingredients and machinery manufacturers. Cafosa is your knowledge provider. For more information on Cafosa’s knowledge and the production process’ phases click here.

Product development and improvement

Apart from our extensive gum base portfolio, Cafosa’s technical team is ready to develop a gum base specially designed for your needs or even come by and help you in-house.

Cafosa offers to cover with you all phases of development, from rapid prototyping and ‘proof of concept’ all the way to industrialization. We can support you in ideation sessions and in consumer research in the planning phase by setting up preparatory workshops, formulating and providing prototypes or evaluating concepts.

Keeping in mind the desired sensorial profile of the final product, we aim to help you reach your cost reduction goals and improve efficiencies. We can even recommend suppliers of other ingredients. Our support extends to industrial trials for scale up. We bring the lab product to pilot plant scale and then to industrial scale, accompanying the customer all along the process.

Benchmark intelligence by product analytics & market trends

Our continuous monitoring of the market and our analytical capabilities allow us to have a thorough understanding of formulation, products, technologies and trends in the different regions.

This, together with market reports, market analysis and consumer insights allows us to paint a rich picture of the gum category throughout the world.

Pilot plant

We are equipped with Pilot Plant scale machinery that helps close the gap between lab samples and finished industrial product, having preliminary information on processing capabilities and obtaining more realistic samples for consumer tests.