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With more than 100 gum bases and more than 150 clients in more than 80 countries, we are your number one gum base partner for any project.

Our mission is to build a world with better and more chewing, promoting the sustainable growth of the chewing category

We belong to Grupo RB, worldwide leader in natural resins

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Wildest gum base portfolio
Widest gum base portfolio
Highly innovative chewing gum applications
Personalized solutions
Personalized solutions
Flexibility and agility

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Gum base is the essence of any chewing gum. Choosing the right gum base is essential for the success of your product.

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Chewing gum can be a highly efficient delivery system for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical actives. Discover our excipient options and our finished product range.


From technical assistance to new product development. We are at your service for any chewing gum project

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