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gum manufacturers use Cafosa’s gum bases*

> 350

different gum bases developed


of medicated gum made with Cafosa gum base**

*based on internal estimations of global gum base market share

**based on global sell-out value market share of NRT gum

Our approach to sustainability

We are committed to conduct our operations in the most respectful and efficient way possible; we want to minimize our impact on the environment, and for that reason we have set ambitious targets and put in place protocols to ensure we meet them.

Water intensity 2018 vs 2015
m3/MT target

Energy intensity target 2020 vs 2015
1.53 GJ/MT

Greenhouse gases 2018 vs 2015

Waste landfill

Different people have different motivations for chewing; independently whether it’s a matter of fresh breath, a flavourful treat or playful bubbles there is something for everyone.

Reasons to chew

People worldwide have chewed on natural materials for hundreds of years. Some of these materials include thickened resin and latex from certain types of trees, various sweet grasses, leaves, grains and waxes.

Gum base is the ingredient that distinguishes chewing and bubble gum from all other confectionery products. It is an insoluble and non-nutritive substance that enables a chewing gum to be chewed for hours without experiencing substantial changes.

Modern chewing gum products evolved from a chicle-based gum brought to the United States in the early 1860s. Nowadays, we generally group the reasons people have for chewing gum in the following:

Fun & Flavor

Fun & Flavor


Oral Care

Oral Care


Cafosa at your disposal

Cafosa knowledge and know-how

One of the main pillars for Cafosa is its pool of extensive knowledge and experience with all facets of the gum business.