Cafosa’s commitment to its associates

Managing employee morale

This global pandemic has posed new challenges to companies also when it comes to managing employee morale

Restrictions imposed by COVID-19 changed the way we work and interact at Cafosa. In line with MARS guidelines, our parent company, we implemented a series of new norms, measures and precautions in order to ensure that our associates can carry out their work in the safest possible way. Working from home, social distancing, temperature controls, disinfection and personal protection kits, restrictions on travel and meetings are just some of the myriad of measures implemented.  

However, beyond just increased health and safety protocols, we set up further measures to help our associates deal with the emotional toll of the health crisis.

Facing uncertainty

As we know, in times of uncertainty, people tend to feel more anxious, frightened and alone. So from the very beginning we strove to be close to our associated and mitigate the effects of the uncertainty all of us have been facing every day.

First and foremost, communication is utterly important. Hence we immediately established various channels in order for all employees to be transparently informed of the situation at all times and for teams to work efficiently to promptly respond to the new situation. During the first weeks of the outbreak we held weekly video-calls with all Cafosa associates, where the Leadership Team gave updates on the situation and where any associate could ask questions or voice their opinion. This gave employees a much needed reassurance and sense of belonging.

Measures put in place

In the coming days and weeks, after the lock down came into effect in Spain, we put in place other support platforms:

  • Working from home: Advice, guidelines and all necessary tools to help set up everything and make working from home more comfortable. IT gave full support to ensure everything worked smoothly.
  • Knowledge: Designed specific learning plans for each associate. Even though being home-bound affected the work of many employees, we ensured they could take advantage of the situation and complete online courses and training to help with their development plans.
  • Flexibility measures to enhance family reconciliation.
  • Free psychological support, as well as free webinars that associates could assist.
  • Well-being programs: online sport classes, mindfulness tutorials and guidelines for a healthy life during isolation.
  • Entertainment: Shared links and programs for leisure time.

Through all these measures, at Cafosa we strove to create a support network for all employees, helping them deal with uncertainty and juggle family and work life all within a few sq. meters.

In turn, our associates also opened their webcams and their hearts and let their colleagues into their homes, having meetings but also sharing photos of loved ones, of their pets, of their hobbies and daily activities. In the weekly video calls, there is also a dedicated slot where associates can share their ideas, inspiring phrases and tips to keep up a positive spirit.

Even after the isolation measures were eased we kept these measures together with the safety protocols. We continue to prioritize working from home to combat the spread of the virus.

If we are to get through this, we can only do it together!

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