Our new pilot plant

Gum base is the element that differentiates gum from all other confectionery applications. It is one of the main ingredients in chewing and bubble gum, and it´s what gives gum its ´chewy´ texture.

Gum base plays an important role in the industrial processing of the final product, as well as in the final sensorial characteristics and chewing profile of the chewing gum.

In this context, for us at Cafosa it is of utmost importance to get as close as possible to our customers´ reality, understand their limitations, and offer efficient and coherent solutions adapted to their production capabilities and at the same time meeting their consumers´ demands.

In order to better understand this reality and provide the best possible service, Cafosa has invested in a pilot plant at its Barcelona facilities. This way we strive to expand our knowledge and support the development of new products, especially in the realm of ´FUN & FLAVOUR´ (this is traditionally kids´ bubble gum territory, but it can also tap into teen consumers and young adults that look for surprising textures and flavour, liquid filling and sour or acid flavours). Our final objective is to boost the category and have younger consumers chew better and more.

This is why we are so happy and excited to announce that this long-awaited pilot plant is finally up and running!

The pilot plant comes equipped with all essential elements for the manufacture of bubble gum:

  • A mixer to make a homogeneous mixture of ingredients
  • An extruder that, by using screws that apply pressure, makes it possible to obtain a rope that can be later given the desired shape.

We count with two different technologies: ball forming and chain forming. The former will enable us to obtain different forms and shapes such as bottles, balls or the classical hollow balls sold in dispensing machines. The latter, achieved by innovative compression system, makes it possible to go one step further in therms if new geometries as well as obtain a much higher quantity of filling.

Furthermore, to adjust to the reality of commercial products, both technologies allow employing an industry-adapted pump for liquid filling.

This entire project has been carried out under the framework of the Mars five principles which all associates identify themselves with, and under strict Safety rules.

This new project opens up new possibilities and makes us more agile in new development projects. We believe it will help us deliver qualitative and quick results, generate more value and develop new capabilities that enable us to maintain the innovative spirit that we proudly identify with.

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